Kate Lewis

Kate has over 18 years industry experience in auditing and consulting services for food businesses and laboratories across Australia. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Technology, is an Exemplar Global Certified Food Safety Auditor and is a qualified NATA Technical Assessor in the field of Biological Testing.

Kate firmly believes that for food businesses to succeed in the current environment, they must meet not just the minimum regulatory requirement but exceed their customer’s expectations.



Amanda Donohue

Amanda has over 18 years’ industry experience in both product development and quality assurance roles and has developed a broad range of skills for risk analysis. Amanda has a Bachelor of Applied of Science in Food Technology and is an Exemplar Global Certified Food Safety Auditor.

Amanda knows what it’s like to be on the other side and knows what programs and procedures are practical and realistic. This first-hand experience and understanding inspires Amanda with the desire to not only advise on food safety issues but help her clients to resolve them.

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