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Audit regularly as part of your food safety culture

Audits are part of a healthy food safety program within a food business. They are also an essential requirement in certain industry sectors for maintaining national food safety standards and achieving compliance.

Engaging an experienced food safety auditor can be a pivotal step in meeting your food safety obligations.

The benefits of choosing us as your food safety auditors

With our extensive industry experience, we can complete your audits efficiently and pleasantly with minimal stress and disruption to you and your team.

Whether you require HACCP, GFSI standards (e.g. SQF, BRC), regulatory third party, or audits against your own brand standards, we are able to assist. We are also proud to be Exemplar Global-certified (High Risk), which is an internationally recognised certification.

Food Safety Culture food auditing

Passionate about food safety, our team are auditing specialists within a broad range of industry sectors.

We don’t sub-contract to other auditors (unless there is a benefit to our client). Rather we build long-standing relationships across multiple sites creating consistency and efficiency for everyone.

Surprises are never good when running a business. We offer fixed fees and pre-scheduled visits, booked well-in-advance, to keep things simple and easy.

We believe that being friendly and professional, in all situations, promotes a positive food safety culture for all our clients that’s easier to maintain.





It all sounds great but do we have to audit?


Every food business in Australia is required to comply with both the National Food Standards Code and state-specific legislation.

Certain food industry sectors need to be licensed with the food authorities in the state they operate in. These sectors may include:

  • Food service to vulnerable persons in hospitals and aged care facilities

  • Dairy farms

  • Food businesses that handle dairy products

  • Food businesses that handle seafood

  • Food businesses that handle, store or process meat

  • Food manufacturing

  • Plant products (processed fruit and vegetables)

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